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What is Japanese Osteopathic Massage?

Acupressure is a traditional Asian bodywork therapy that has thousands of years of history.   All patients are treated with care while trying to get to the root of an individual’s pain. Using specific acupuncture points, we can realign certain muscles and joints in the body, which in turn, helps treat pain and stress in one’s feet and hips. A common misconception about pain is that the source of pain is the root of the cause. However, in main cases, this is just not true. By treating related areas, it can relieve pain in other parts of the body. Because of this, our talented massage therapists will use certain bodily clues to find out the cause of each patients pain, and massage it away!

Dietary health consultation focusing on Japanese traditional food

 Diet also plays an important role in living a healthy lifestyle and creating an ideal body. Individuals who continue to eat food that doesn’t promote a healthy lifestyle tend to find that their body doesn’t always respond the way they’d like it to. Eating junk food puts a strain on the body’s internal organs, which makes it harder to recover after everyday activities, and especially in the case of strenuous exercise. No matter how much sleep a person gets, they always seem to be tired and lacking energy, and sooner or later they start to feel pain. 

  These are the signs that one’s diet is not as well-balanced as it should be. That is why we also offer dietary health consultations to our customers, with a focus on consuming Japanese traditional foods, or “Washoku”. Japanese food was recently added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, so for visitors from abroad, this is a unique experience to not only receive medical attention but experience Japanese culture while you are here in Japan!


Areas that we specialize in include:


1. Backpackers Special

15minutes  —  ¥1200 ( shoulders & foot ) 20minutes  —  ¥1800 ( lower back  & shoulders or foot) 30minutes  —  ¥2400 ( shoulders & lower back & foot ) This is a unique service for individuals who are backpacking through the country and are feeling the wear and tear from constantly wearing such a heavy load on their backs. This plan includes a ten minute each massage for the shoulders, legs, and lower back areas.  Not only does Japanese Massage offer massages for tired travelers, but during these sessions, they also teach individuals how to do self-massage to help with recovery while on they’re the go.   

2.Outdoors special 

Massage for mountain climbers with self-massage and sightseeing lesson 15minutes  —  ¥1200 ( info & lecture) 20minutes  —  ¥1800  ( 15 minutes massage & 5minutes info) 30minutes  —  ¥2400  ( 20 minutes massage & 10 minutes info) This is a service for the climbers who will have or already had the opportunity to climb Mt. Misen (Miyajima) or Mt. Gokuraku (Hatsukaichi).  Participants in this package can learn about the mountain and the surrounding area’s history.  After that, a short explanation of the body and how to do self-massage for the feet and shoulders will be given. The lesson is offered by a Japanese massage therapist who is not only focused on sharing information about the mountains but on how to teach clients the basics of self-care and recovery practices through massage.       

3. Japanese Health Food Therapy

Experience Japanese culture while indulging in a relaxing massage 30minutes  —  ¥3000  ( 15 minutes massage & 15 minutes experience) 60minutes  —  ¥5000  ( 30 minutes massage & 30 minutes experience) With this service, individuals can not only indulge in a calming massage, but experience Japanese culture in the way of traditional cuisine!  After a 20-minute full body massage, participants will be lead to a traditional Japanese style house, where all aspects of Japanese cuisine will be explained, such as how to eat, and which foods are best for individual’s current health conditions. Lessons learned here, about traditional cuisine and self-massage practices will certainly be useful to participants even after they return to their home countries and continue on their path to a healthy lifestyle!  

4. On-site Massage

On-site health consultation service 30minutes  —  ¥3000 ( full body) This plan offers individuals the chance to have the massage experts come to them! Our masseuses will conduct their massages in the comfort of your own hotel room. Tōyōshiki’s massages are the perfect cure for those tired from their travels around Japan, so why not enjoy this relaxing recovery method? In addition to this, our staff will also give lectures on traditional Japanese diet practices, and how incorporating these into your life will help you on a journey to a healthier you!    

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